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40 Signs That You Are A Shallow Christian (2) By Dr. D.K Olukoya

40 Signs That You Are A Shallow Christian (2) By Dr. D.K Olukoya

The Mountain Of Fire And Miracle Ministries International Headquarters
Sunday Service
Topic: 40 Signs That You Are A Shallow Christian (2)
Anchored Scriptures: Matthew 7:21-23
Minister: Dr. Daniel Olukoya (G.O MFM Worldwide)


Last week I began to explain to you the difference between knowing the ways of God and the acts of God. And I began to define to you what it means to be shallow; not strong, not deep, superficial. You are just there but no deep work in your life.

We began to look at signs of shallowness and once you can detect just one of these signs that you are a shallow christian, you really should pray very hard.


As we discussed last week:

  1. Poverty of the knowledge of the scriptures.
  2. Inability to quote scriptures.
  3. Low prayer stamina.
  4. Inability to lead others to Christ after being a Christian for up to 2 years.
  5. Lack of interest in reading christian books or listening to messages.
  6. Lack of desire to worship God.
  7. Ceremonial attendance to church.

And so we move on today:

  1. Lack of quiet time: You do not have any time in the day when you are alone with God. You do not do quiet time in the morning before going out, neither do you do any quiet time before you sleep. You see, it is during your quiet time that you develop the most important relationship in life, because it is during that quiet time you move close to God and read the most important book in the world which is the Bible.

It is during that quiet time you have an opportunity to draw close to God. It makes you grow in the power and in the knowledge of God. Quiet time will increase your knowledge with God and will make you to experience the presence of God. It is a daily affair; it is not something you miss. The best time for it is in the mornings, before you get clouded with the affairs of the day. Are you here and in the morning you do not do quiet time? Or you do lame quiet time? Or you do emergency quiet time (maybe when you have a bad dream)?

It is a sign that you are not growing. It is a sign that you are shallow. If you can walk out of the house in the morning without that quiet time, something within you is confident to go out, it shows that you are very shallow. It is an evidence of shallowness.

Beloveth, the scarcity of the power of God in any generation is not the fault of God. It is due to the unavailability of usable men and women. You are as close to God as you want to be. For you to be a warrior, a champion, an Eagle in the market place or at work, quiet time is highly essential.

When you get up, do some praises and worship, pray some prayers, take your Bible, read some portions of scripture or follow any devotional that you have, pray for the day, then be quiet before the Lord; incase He has instructions for you for that day. That is essential everyday before you start moving about. It is at the quiet time that God will talk to some people about their day. Are you a quiet time defaulter? Then, you are a shallow christian. Can you raise up your right hand where you are and say this if you love your destiny:

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Spiritual shallowness, get out of my life, in the name of Jesus.

  1. When you only call on God when you are in trouble or when you are in need: You are a shallow christian if you are like that.
  2. You are a shallow christian when you do not share your faith with unbelievers as we were taught this morning. It is evidence of shallowness.
  3. When you pick and choose what you desire to follow from the Bible. You just pick what is convenient for you; whereas God does not want you to do what is convenient for you, He wants you to do what is commanded. There is a difference between what is convenient and what is commanded.
  4. When you continue to live in habitual sin: The sin has become a habit. You are finding it difficult to break free from it.
  5. When you do not think about eternity at all, you only think about this present life which will soon fade away with everything in it. The Bible says “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.”

He said “since you know that all these things will be burnt with fire, all these materials and houses and money are raw materials for fire, what manner of man ought you to be, in holiness and righteousness?” If you just think about this current life alone and you forget about eternity, then you are a shallow christian. No matter how long you live on here, eternity is longer. It is a sign of shallowness when you do not sit down to think “where will I spend eternity?”

  1. When you are scared of men more than God: You fear men more than you fear God. And so because it is your boss in the office you want to do what he wants when God has asked you not to do it.
  2. When you avoid sermons or books that talk about consequences of sin and hell fire. It is a sign of shallowness.
  3. When people cannot differentiate you from the world. The Bible says we are “peculiar people”. Another word for peculiar is strange. Believers do not and cannot fit into the world. They looked at the apostles and the Bible says “They perceived that they had been with Jesus”. When people cannot differentiate the way you dress and look from the world people look, you are shallow, and that is why the enemy finds it easy to be attacking you; because every time you are presenting a ladder of attack. There is a difference between being beautiful and being holy.

There is a difference between you trying to satisfy people with the way you look and trying to satisfy God with the way you look. There must be a clear divide when you see people going to church and people going to disco parties. You must be able to say “these are children of God” and “these are children of the world”. But things are becoming difficult now. A lot of worldliness has crept into the church and because of that, the power level has dropped. Are you in this church and the way you appear here is different from the way you appear outside? It means there is no depth in you, you are shallow.

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  1. When you do not genuinely hate sin: You do not really hate it, you are cohabiting with it, although you claim you are not participating. You are supporting it. It shows you are shallow.
  2. When you claim to love God but God is not allowed to control your life. You do not ask God questions about your life. You claim to love God but He is not in charge, you are the one in charge.
  3. One big sign of shallowness in Christianity is when you are giving God leftovers and tips like He is a beggar. You give him tips when you should give Him your firstfruits.
  4. When you are comfortable with your spiritual slumber: You are comfortable with the way you are going around your life with powerlessness, the enemy pursuing you up and down, you are slumbering in the spirit, and you are comfortable with it. It is shallowness. You are comfortable coming to the house of God; no group, no evangelism, no house fellowship, apart from just coming, praying, take your Bible, praying and just going, as if the place is not the house of your Father. It is shallowness.
  5. When you are practising self deception: You are deceiving yourself. You cannot deceive God, and you cannot deceive the devil because he is the master of deception. So at the end of the day you end up deceiving yourself.

You deceive yourself:

  • When you claim to be spiritual and you are not.
  • When you are praying and you are not praying.
    An exercise in self deception is an act of shallowness.
  1. When you are spiritually blind: You cannot see beyond your nose in the spirit realm.
  2. When you are spiritually immature: Your maturity level is low. You are old in age but you are a spiritual baby. You are an adult baby in the spirit realm. This is a very serious matter. It is an immature christian that will be circulating around and asking people to pray when you cannot pray yourself.
  3. When you fail to use your supernatural authority that God has given to you. You do not use that authority, instead you prefer to go from prophet to prophet and person to person, running all over the place; when you have an authority you are not using.
  4. When you are too lazy to fast and to pray. You are a lazy Christian.
  5. When the thought of the second coming of Christ does not move you at all. When people are talking about the rapture, it does not move you at all. It is a sign of shallowness. Can you raise up your right hand again and with a voice of someone who loves their destiny, shout:

Power of spiritual shallowness, release me now, in the name of Jesus.

  1. When you love pleasures more than the things of God. If there is a choice between going for a prayer meeting and going for a party, you will attend that party. Lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God are shallow.
  2. When you find it strange to weep over the lost souls of people you are seeing. You see lost souls being killed by the enemy and you do not feel pity for them.
  3. When you find it easy to criticize your church and your pastor.
  4. When tithing is becoming very difficult for you. You take tithing as a huge sacrifice, so difficult for you. You are a shallow christian.
  5. When your sacrificial life is zero. You cannot sacrifice anything for anybody, even for the things of God, no sacrifice.
  6. When you engage in gossip about people. Great people do not engage in gossip. When you engage in gossip and spreading negative information about people, it is a sign of shallowness.
  7. When you talk down your church, your leaders and the people there before your children. Once you do that and they do not follow you to church, it is your fault.
  8. When you forgot how to go to a place and how far God has brought you. It shows you are shallow.
  9. When you are losing your focus on Christ, and you spending very long hours doing what you should not do, watching what you should not watch.
  10. When you cannot point to any activity you are doing to contribute to the progress of your church. The truth has to be said, that is why I am telling you now; so you do not begin to think “why is my deliverance taking too long? Why is the devil attacking me?” It is because you are shallow.
  11. When you are unable to hold a personal retreat. Instead of jumping from place to place, you camp yourself with God. You convert your bedroom to the mountain you are running to.
  12. When you give up easily on faith and prayers. Any small thing and you have given up. You are tired of praying and believing. It is a sign of shallowness.
  13. If you still waste your time drinking the time of worry and anxiety. If you are always worried, anxious, mumbling, grumbling, it is a sign of shallowness.
  14. When you have unforgiveness or hatred against anybody. It shows you are a shallow christian.
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It is important that these points are clear to you so you can know where you are and understand how God views you. He said “I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”


[Before Ministration Prayers]
  1. Angels of war arise, fight for me now! in the name of Jesus.
  2. Fire of favour, that cannot be quenched, possess me now, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Voices of darkness, crying against me, shut up, in the name of Jesus!
  4. Arrows of satanic delay, fired into my hands, backfire! in the name of Jesus.
  5. Serpents and Scorpions of darkness, you are liars, die, in the name of Jesus.
  6. Every disappointment prepared against me, scatter by fire, in the name of Jesus!
  7. The power that disgraced Goliath, disgrace my Goliath, in the name of Jesus.
[After Ministration Prayers]
  1. Holy Ghost, I am available, overshadow my life, in the name of Jesus.
  2. I bind and cast out every spirit of death and hell, in the name of Jesus.
Send down revival Lord, let it start within my soul, Holy Ghost revival, pentecostal fire.

  1. O Lord, I am available, revive me, in the name of Jesus.

God bless you in Jesus name.

Notice Board: Until you are born again, God ever abiding presence will never be with you. You must be born again to enjoy continuous victory. Please say the displayed prayer below in faith:

Lord Jesus, come into my life. I accept You as my Lord and Personal Saviour. I believe in my heart You died and rose from the dead to save me. Thank You Lord for saving me, in Jesus name Amen.

If you just prayed the prayer of salvation online please send your testimonies and prayer request to, +234 (803) 078-0919 OR +234 (817) 363-1657.

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