RCCG 7 Days Prayers and Fasting Points 27 November 2022

RCCG 7 Days Prayers and Fasting Points

RCCG 7 Days Prayers and Fasting Points 27 November 2022 – DAY 2



  1. Lord, I bless your name, and your praise is continually in my mouth. Psa 34:1
  2. Father, thank you for your divine favor that I enjoy every day in Jesus name.
  3. Father, thank you for the past prayers that you have answered by fire in Jesus
    name. Exo.4:31.
  4. Father, thank you for the forgiveness of my sins and family in Jesus name. Ps.
    103:1-4, 1Sam.15:25.

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  1. Father, thank you for your faithfulness over your Church that is new every
    morning in Jesus name. Lam.3:22-23.
  2. Father, thank you for how you have been using your Church to expand the
    kingdom through evangelism in Jesus name. 2Corin.4:15.
  3. Father, thank you for your covenant of peace over your Church despite all the
    challenges in Jesus name. Eze.37:26. Col.3:15.


  1. Father, thank you for sending your only begotten son Jesus Christ to this
    world for the remission and forgiveness of our sins. John 3:16.
  2. Father, we thank you for our leaders because no one can lead, except it is
    ordained by you. Rom. 13:1.
  3. Father, thank you for your covenant of peace over our nation and land.



  1. Father as I confess all our sins, forgive me Lord and cleanse me from all
    unrighteousness in Jesus name. 1Joh 1:9
  2. Father, mercy and forgiveness belongs unto you, have mercy and forgive me
    my sins, in Jesus name. Dan 9:9
  3. Lord let your mercy be available for me and set me free from where the
    judgement of the enemy had tied me in Jesus name.


  1. Oh Lord arise, heal and restore your Church all over the world in Jesus name.
  2. Father, we ask for your mercies over every error we have committed in your
    Church and our gatherings, in Jesus name.
  3. Father forgive your Church for not being diligent in the assignment of soul
    winning you have placed in our hands and for lukewarm attitudes in Jesus name.
    Rev 3:16, Mar 18:15


  1. Let us plead for God’s mercies and forgiveness over our lives, families, lands,
    countries for we have all sinned and fallen short of His glory. Rom 3:23, Rom
  2. Father, have mercy and forgive our nations the sin of shedding the blood of
    the righteous and innocent ones in Jesus name. Mat 23:35
  3. Father, forgive us of the sins of keeping, worshipping and having other gods in
    Jesus name. Exo 20:3, 23:13



  1. Father, have mercy on me according to thy loving-kindness, according to the
    multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Psalms 51:1
  2. Father, by your mercy wash me thoroughly from my iniquity and cleanse me from
    all my sins which are evil in thy sight. Psalms 51:2
  3. Father, remember thy tender mercies and thy loving kindness of old and forget
    the sins and transgressions of my youth according to thy mercy remember me for
    thy goodness sake. Psalms 25:6-7


  1. Father; by your mercy, please forgive and receive graciously all those who have
    fallen away by iniquity and the backsliders for them to return. Hosea 14:1-3.
  2. Father; by your wonders in the past, present and till eternity make the Church
    fear you the more so that the Church will enjoy your mercies from generation to
    generation. Luke 1:50.
  3. Father through the visitation of your tender mercies, give light to them that sit in
    darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide their feet into the way of peace.
    Luke 1:78-79.


  1. Father, by your mercy, we cancel all the negative visions and prophesies
    concerning our lives, families and nation in Jesus name. Isa 7:7
  2. Father, by your mercies break the teeth of the ungodly in this nation (put your
    country), in Jesus’ name. Psa 58:6
  3. Father, by your mercy let the imagination of the wicked against our nation be
    neutralized, in the name of Jesus. Jer 9:14, 13:10

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